Travel Japan: Tour of Shizuoka

Travel Japan: Tour of Nippon.

For our Papersky Tour de Nippon in Shizuoka we feasted on the delicious food creations of Papersky Food Captain Arimoto Kurumi. We also enjoyed a live concert by Pepe California and watched the beautiful sunset from Temboo the host restaurant for the event. We also were honored to feature workshops from framebuilder KDM as well as leather craftmaster Ojaga design.

The next day we rode around the beautiful Kakegawa area of Shizuoka- enjoying views of Mt. Fuji, blooseming tea flowers and fields of tea as far as the eye could see. Another highlight was our ride over the worlds largest wooden bridge, Horai Bashi. We were warmly welcomed by tea farmers as well as green tea experts and enlightened with our visit to Kotomama Temple. We would also like to give a special shout out to Connect and Kamiyama Farms for their great help in making this event a wonderful one.

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