Kawaii DECORA Hairstyle TUTORIAL by Japanese designer Haruka Kurebayashi

Japanese DECORA HAIR STYLE tutorial
by fashion designer Haruka Kurebayashi
– ファッションモデル紅林大空のデコラヘア講座 –

Haruka Kurebayashi is a famous model of the magazine KERA and well known among the fans of Japanese fashion overseas. Since last year she also participates to the popular Harajuku fashion walk with very colorful and eccentric fashions.
She is the designer of the brand 90884 and presents her latest product at the end of the video!

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We will make the hair into braids.
A substitute for hair band….these beads.
By clasping the braids, it will become a clip.
Each side will be made into three braids.
First, just take a bunch, divide it into three, and make each into braids.
The braids can be a little loose.
When it is done up to here…
Choose your favorite to clip on.
Just like this.
I will continue to do the rest.
I have the other parts in a clean cut so I don’t have much volume, but if the more braids you can make, the cuter it will get.
I would like to pin my bangs.
For the pin, the small ones are easier to use.
The biggest one is this size.
The reason behind is that, when the hair comes off due to the weight, or as you can see, the reverse side is like this, but when there are many parts to clip on, the round shape of the bangs will disappear and it will not look cute.
Therefore choose one size. The color can be of your choice, but if so many are pink or blue, when all of the hair pins are on, the part would look bulky and destroy the balance of the color. It would be better when you spread it out and use many colors evenly.
On the top part, this type which has a curling pin on the reverse side,
is what we will use.
For the bottom part, this easy to clip-on type will keep on and will not fall off.
Based on such thoughts, I decide how much to keep or buy.
From the top, hold the bottom of this hair and clip it as if letting it go through.
Use this as much as possible, the numbers are up to you, and much as you want.
The easiest to use is probably the ribbon type.
When you use the star, the bangs may split like this, so you should hide the split with your hair a little.
Even with the same motif, there are ones with different colors, shiny ones, made in different colors, etc., so find the balance you like and use what you think will look cute.
The upper part is the curling pin.
For the lower part, I will use a tic tac.
Look at the balance of colors and choose your own color.
The key to today’s fashion coordination is the dress.
This dress is from my brand, 90884 and it has a sticker pattern on it. This pattern comes from my childhood obsession of collecting stickers, and the desire to wear them.
It isl using enamel to make a material mix, so it is given some futuristic impression.
Matching with the style, I am wearing a rainbow socks today.
As the image is “cheerful”, for the bottoms, I am wearing balloon pants.

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