Find Your Unexpected Japan

Tokyo Calling is a website that introduces images of Japan taken from the viewpoint of creators.

Including good old-fashioned things, and also new and exciting things, you can switch to a “new perspective” that is taken from your daily lifestyle by rebuilding with “modern” sensibility and technology.
Feeling the breath of the creators, please enjoy encountering scenes that you have never viewed before.
Tokyo Calling combines “Tokyo” and “Call + ing (to invite + the progressive form)”.
I got the idea from the name “KOBE CALLING”, a program that was locally broadcast in my hometown Kobe when I was at an impressionable age.
With love for the age of adolescence that can never be returned to again.

Tokyo Callingはクリエイターの視点で切り取られた日本の映像を紹介するウェブサイトです。

Tokyo Callingは「東京」と「Call + ing (誘う + 進行形)」を組み合わせた言葉です。
私が多感な時期に地元の神戸で放映されていた「KOBE CALLING」という番組名から発想いたしました。


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