toco toco ep.1 Yusuke Shigeta, digital artist

Digital artist, Yusuke Shigeta is taking us to the Yokosuka art museum in Kanagawa prefecture.

An exhibition was held during the 2014 summer holidays called “KiRaKiRa ZaWaZaWa HaRaHaRa” where parents could enjoy art with their children.
It showcased Yusuke Shigeta’s art pieces and four other contemporary artists’ work.

Yusuke Shigeta is originally a video creator who makes animation and computer graphics.

His work is a video installation that uses the whole space of a room.
The video is a pixel animation displayed from a projector set on the ceiling.
This animation, “Gaso no Mori” (Pixel Forest) is inspired by ten fairytales that you can see by holding a white book opened while wandering in the room.

His other art piece is called “Gaso Sansui” (Pixel Scenery) and is inspired by the series of paintings of Ogawa Usen, “Shunkashuutou”.

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