Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow

Tokyo is a city like no other; a sprawling metropolis that never ceases to amaze. In this video I wanted to explore the many contrasts of life in the city; between the young and the old, the traditional and the contemporary, the fast and the slow, the eastern and western influences.

This film was commissioned by Keio University for their ‘Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow’ campaign.

Tim White – Director/Producer/Editor
Samuel Smith – Actor/Model
Liam Gilmour – DOP
Akira Tanaka – Producer/Art Director
Sachiko Miyashita – Executive Producer/Branding Consultant
Takayuki Kuribayashi – Assistant Producer
Sayumi Suzuki – Production Manager

Nick Gunn – Composer/Sound Designer
Josh Flowers – Composer/Sound Designer
Roslyn Di Sisto – Colourist
Sam Hopgood – Audio Mixer
Julie Newton – Storyboard Artist
Stephen Forster – Copywriter

Thanks to:
Keio Baseball Club
Keio Calligraphy Club
Keio Sumo Club
W+I&S (Keio Dance Club)
Prof. Dr. Susumu Tachi (Keio University Graduate School of Media Design)
Gakou Watanabe (Kohmyoji, Sagamihara)
Shingen Aoyagi (Kenchoji, Kamakura)
Kenchoji, Kamakura
Kotoku-in (Great Buddha, Kamakura)
Asakusa Sensoji (Temple in Asakusa)
Asakusa Nakamise (Shopping street in Asakusa)
Kikyo (Japanese Dance)
Atami-yu (Bath House, Kagurazaka)
Masanobu Furuta (Rooftop)
Otaru Masazushi (Sushi Restaurant)
Hana Davies
Sumie Davies
Seiji Armstrong
Stephanie Dietrich
Amina Sugi
Jessica Spohr
Gabe Russo
Julie Newton

Gundam – Sotsu, Sunrise
Japanese Garden – Koishikawa Korakuen
Fish Market – Tsukiji Market (Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)

Creative Agency
Yuit Inc.

About The Author
- Executive Editor of Tokyo Girls' Update


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